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Enjoy FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING in all orders, plus free exchanges.

Julia Di Lorenzo™ is a Canadian born artist who is the Founder & Creative Director based in Toronto and Milan. Her design philosophy is to create durable and ethical fashion for all women with a sense of freedom. Excellence in far out style, some bold colours plus FUNction.

Influenced from high fantasy and modern magic combined into two avant-garde collections each year. 

The manufacturing and production of our designs are particular with focused artisans based in Italy. All fabric will be sourced ethically from suppliers around the world. On this note; all designs are high quality, typically pre-ordered, artisan constructed for the understanding of supporting ~ anti fast fashion ~ thus creating an alternative to help improve global awareness. Mother Earth is our Goddess.

We focus primarily on fabric, design and what goes on behind the scenes of the making of the clothing that includes our highly skilled, passionate artisans and production people based in Italy. We feel that the craftspeople are our greatest strengths, the roots of our creations and the truth of real fashion. They bring heartmade superb value and talent to our brand, thus creating an ethical & modern environmental movement. 

We thrive to minimize a negative environment in today’s fashion world. Embracing consumers with the power of high quality, natural, sustainable fabrics from chosen suppliers around the world. While doing so, promoting durable, timeless yet FUNctional products is the beginning of a conscious fashion industry.


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