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Enjoy FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING in all orders, plus free exchanges.


When might I be charged customs delivery or import charges?

Orders to the USA

For USA customers, with a value under $800 you will be duty free of any customs charges or import fees. However, if your order has a cost over $800 and is being shipped from Italy, and or it has anything animal parts or descriptions in the order ( leather, tortoiseshell, faux fur ) it’s possible you may need to pay customs charges.
If, for some reason your delivery was shipped to an USA address, and you have been charged customs. Please, keep the receipt proof of payment. Contact our customer care service by clicking “Contact Us” on this page. 

Orders to Canada

We now have a fulfillment center based in Ontario, with all in ” stock items only ” being dispatched to all Canadian addresses. We want to assure our Canadian customers will be duty & tax free when receiving our made in Italy designs. 
Although, we recognize that you face some charges when shopping for “made to order” items dispatched from Italy. Made to order are particular designs when you shop online that are immediately handmade at the moment after order. They will be delivered straight from Milan to your doorstep. So for this reason, we offer a 15% off discount code on your next purchase, will be inside your package.          With this 15% discount code we want assure it covers all tax ( GST + PST or HST ) for all provinces as Canadian tax ranges from 5% to 15%. It’s a pleasure for us to give you this discount code to make sure everyone on the Canadian border is happy. 



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