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The Future for Fashion


– Do you know what they’re all about ??

  A new kind of technology that delivers all natural down ( which means recycled too ) compacted to the thinnest possible concept. A new type of down that eliminates any cold air seepage that even the fact it’s so much thinner it still remains superior to your puffy marshmallow style parka. 

Voguish & ultramodern; our collections began with a first idea of new design + technology…..we wanted to create far-out ( to the moon and back 🌓) fashionable yet FUNctional coats just as warm as your sports parka. So, we then decided to design the “Isabelle Coat” with full thindown insulation from recycled duck and goose. This type of coat will keep you really warm and to actually think to yourself “I feel stylish” but to also feel compassionate within yourself – it’s all 100% sustainable fabric.

  We like to say that this “ISABELLE “ coat is the only type of winter women’s coat on the market with this innovative design. YES MAME!!…. It’s definitely our very special coat and we love it so so much 🌹

learn more about thindown insulation ..

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  1. I love how elegant it is! Functional recycled down creates an ultimate warmth with the sustainable Mohair together.

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