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Early Spring 2020

Spring has sprung and it’s an early one.

In the Northern Hemisphere spring 2020 has arrived earlier than it has since 1896. It’s called the “Equinox” that marks the start of Spring and will happen as of today. Typically, the March equinox falls on March 20th or 21st, and this year’s earlier due date is because of the 2020 being a leap year.   – Interesting stuff eh!

Meanwhile, in the world of fashion  we must admit that some of our A/W Collections can be just as dandy worn during Spring time such as our metallic shirts and turtlenecks. Realistically, these gorgeous shirts are so durable and versatile they can be worn almost throughout the entire year, warm or cold…bring it on. Our style expert from Milan suggests to wear these lovely tops paired with neutral trousers  or a mini skirt, add pumps or flat shoes depending on your occasion.

At this time everything about nature is changing, less darker days, more fresh crisp air, blooming foliage and warmer air that all brings new life. We are all patiently waiting for the sound of birds chirping in the early mornings.  – Spring is a beautiful thing.  🌾🌷🌾



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Girl walking in black linen top and skirt. Made in Italy
The “KATNISS” Weapon Linen Set *top and bottom with preferred sizes available
0 customer review
$ 160.00
Upper front view of the black linen anime weapon dress. Made from 100% breathable breezy eco linen fabric.
Ciao Caro! The "ANIME” Linen A-Line Dress 
0 customer review
$ 100.00
Cute Scooter Embroidered T Shirt
0 customer review
$ 60.00
Classic Vinyl "Venus" Made in Italy Buckle Belt
0 customer review
$ 58.00
Gorgeous Power Female Wool blouse made in Italy
Zelda, Lightweight Wool Blouse
0 customer review
$ 240.00
Aurora, Lightweight Wool Blouse
0 customer review
$ 240.00
women's culottes made with 100% Jacquard fabric. Grey and white plaid Jacquard style pants with Venus belt on the waist.
0 customer review
$ 220.00
mohair sweaters in soft cream color with yellow, blue and pink plaid patterns on a shopping rack.
0 customer review
Women's jacquard shorts made with100% jacquard fabric black and white plaid style with buckle loops holding a Venus shaped black vinyl belt. Tag on plaid shorts says 'Made in Italy'
0 customer review
$ 124.00
Trendy women's silk tie in light purple and vibrant hot pink vertical stripes.
0 customer review
$ 65.00
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