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Julia is the intellect and brand’s DNA. Born in a small folky-city, a true friend of nature’s environment with an upbringing that embraced all forms of art and craftsmanship. At age 21,  she moved to a world class city “Toronto” to kick-start her career as a graphic designer and fine artist professional.

Career lesson number one. Finding your first designer job doesn’t just happen overnight. She worked many side hustles in hospitality to make ends meet. In 2005, Julia decided to put matters in her own hands and go….independent. She invested in a 4-colour silkscreen machine and started hand designing organic cotton graphic t-shirts in her own Toronto apartment. The tshirts sparked local conversation and interest. She then attended fashion trade-shows and participated in University fashion events for cancer charity. She sold her graphic shirts independently in stores from Toronto to Montreal at the age of 24y/o.

Years later, she was given opportunity as an apparel graphic designer from other brands. It was then, witnessing the fast life of clothing production and the waste it accumulated over time, she was not impressed. 

The year of 2013, the Dhaka garment factory tragedy had broken Julia’s heart. The tragedy created an awareness that stemmed from sadness she couldn’t shake off. Knowing that her nonna worked in a shoe factory to raise a family and her mother made her own clothes, it really bothered her. She disapproved this unethical behaviour and decided to create an awareness starting her own brand. So, she decided to move forward and pursue her crafty self abroad to learn more about the fashion world. 

At the age of 33, she took her ambition in one of the capitals of fashion. Arrivata!! Milano. Obtaining a Women’s Fashion Design Certificate and launched her first collection in January 2020 for women’s Autumn/Winter season. 

Sustainable and ethical clothing that’s influenced by innovation, fantasy and modern magic. 

Ready-to-wear fashion that cares about good moral standards and the future environment. All designs are constructed by talented artisans in Italy. 

At JDL – Mother Earth is our Goddess. 

Hocus Pocus! CONSCIOUSLY FOCUSED ~ Julia Di Lorenzo

Moon. The moon is a feminine symbol. It signifies wisdom, intuition and a spiritual connection.The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity, enlightenment or the dark side of Nature herself. You can use the energy of the moon to better connect with yourself.

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