Know Your Fabrics

Let’s talk fabric, shall we?

Fabric is the most important element in creating silhouettes and articles of clothing. It is the foundation of fashion design. The most common structures consist of woven, non woven, knit, lace and tulle. These determine the structures, shape and style of the final design. 

We want you to know how fabric will give you a purpose when worn and why certain fabrics are chosen in our clothing over others. 

Hypo-Allergenic Materials

Allergic reactions are more and more common with fabric and its texture. Hypoallergenic materials will always help in the long run in regards to your skin. Our clothes are designed to be comfortable on the skin.

Our Soft & Comfortable Fabrics

Our JDL brand chooses to be conscious with our fabrics. Our clothing is soft and comfortable on the skin. Our metallic tops are soft and stretchy. Made with the same polyester nylon blend, the sparkle metallic tie-neck blouse is a soft long-sleeve top in our collection. Read more about our fabrics below!

Types of fabrics you can compost and will biodegrade. 


Silk is considered one of the most delicate & rich in history fabrics of them all. It stands tall on top of the fabric hierarchy. This protein fiber of silk stems from the cocoons of the larvae silkworm Bombyx mori a domestic silk moth from the moth family. When you wear silk, it feels soft and smooth, light and breathable. This natural fiber will biodegrade during time. This is the charm of silk! Wear it with just about anything, in almost any season, even while the sun is hot and in the winter’s ice cold. It makes a great alternative for people who have skin allergies and reactions . It is naturally resistant to odors and moistures for everyday use and comfort. 

Our striped silk blouses are made ethically with 100% Italian silk.

Cotton Vintage Cuffs Womens Blouses


100% cotton is a very popular fabric choice right now. It’s from the genus Gossypium and a shrub native to tropical and subtropical continents around the world. Cotton is a great all-around fabric that can be made thin, perfect for those breezy summer days. It’s also made thick, to function on those harsh winter days. Keep in mind, cotton is another great alternative for people who have allergies to such fabrics like wool.

See our ethical 100% cotton blouses in black and white.

purple blouse with pink and deep purple triangular collar. White buttons on blouse. Linen fabric closeup.


This wonderful fabric is capable to allow your body to breath. A pure textile that will provide all the insulation that’s pleasantly comfortable against your skin. Wool is derived from sheep or with Merino wool, if it comes from Merino sheep making this fabric 100% biodegradable, compostable and naturally sustainable. Wool is a very warm, absorbent, and durable fiber. 

We can say sustainable all the way…shoppers, rejoice!


Linen is Simple, light and exotic and one of the oldest textile fibers used by humans. Linen stems from the flax plant and is grown all over the world. It grows best in temperate climates such as Western Europe (France, to the Netherlands and Belgium). The thinnest delicate linen has been discovered in Egypt. This fabric is the best worn in the hottest temperatures because its breathable and absorbent. Did we mention it’s also sophisticated and elegant too?

What are the most durable natural fabrics?

Amazingly, silk is one of the most durable fabrics. Its tensile worm strength naturally derives from the little silk moth. Be careful when silk is wet because it loses 20% of its strength. However, it dries quickly and is wrinkle and tear resistant, making it an awesome fabric.
One of the most durable natural fabrics is 100% cotton for most garments used in t-shirts, button downs and dresses. Although, for a non-natural fabric, Nylon is very resilient and blends with its natural fibers like wool to make it robust, strong and an elastic capability. See our nylon blend tops.

What is known as the softest natural fabric?

 Silk is ultra soft and made for an incredible feeling on the skin. Our 100% Italian silk has such an exclusive feel with its delicate touch. Our silk tops have a smooth, sleek texture and is not slippery unlike many synthetic fibers. Hand wash or dry clean this fabric to care for your silk clothing.

Stay connected with our sustainable clothing brand!

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Girl walking in black linen top and skirt. Made in Italy
The “KATNISS” Weapon Linen Set *top and bottom with preferred sizes available
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$ 160.00
Upper front view of the black linen anime weapon dress. Made from 100% breathable breezy eco linen fabric.
Ciao Caro! The "ANIME” Linen A-Line Dress 
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$ 100.00
Cute Scooter Embroidered T Shirt
0 customer review
$ 60.00
Classic Vinyl "Venus" Made in Italy Buckle Belt
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$ 58.00
Gorgeous Power Female Wool blouse made in Italy
Zelda, Lightweight Wool Blouse
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$ 240.00
Aurora, Lightweight Wool Blouse
0 customer review
$ 240.00
women's culottes made with 100% Jacquard fabric. Grey and white plaid Jacquard style pants with Venus belt on the waist.
0 customer review
$ 220.00
mohair sweaters in soft cream color with yellow, blue and pink plaid patterns on a shopping rack.
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Women's jacquard shorts made with100% jacquard fabric black and white plaid style with buckle loops holding a Venus shaped black vinyl belt. Tag on plaid shorts says 'Made in Italy'
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$ 124.00
Trendy women's silk tie in light purple and vibrant hot pink vertical stripes.
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$ 65.00
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