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Julia’s Story

Hi! I’m Julia Di Lorenzo, the founder of the Julia Di Lorenzo fashion brand! Born in a small folky-city, I’m a true friend of the environment and Mother Earth. I had a creative upbringing! My parents embraced all forms of art and craftsmanship. At age 21,  I moved to Toronto to kick-start my career as a graphic designer and fine artist professional.

Handmade and Ethical Fashion 

In 2005, I decided to go independent, investing in a 4-colour silkscreen machine and hand designing organic graphic t-shirts in my Toronto apartment. My t-shirts sparked some local conversation and interest. Following my passion for handmade clothing, I attended indie fashion trade-shows and participated in University fashion events for cancer research fundraisers, called “fashion for a cure” at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada. At 24, I sold my graphic shirts B2B in stores from Toronto to Montreal.

Years later, with some design experience I was given opportunity as an apparel graphic designer from other companies based in Canada. 

Why Sustainable Fashion?

In 2013, the Dhaka garment factory tragedy had upset me! It was the garment industry’s worst accident of all time. I really disapproved of this unethical behaviour and decided the heart of my own fashion brand would be conscious sustainable fashion

So,  with sustainability in mind, I decided to move to Italy to pursue my own handmade and ethically made clothing brand.

 I want to help create a better future and society in this giant industry known as clothing. My fashion brands two BIG moral principles are focusing on sustainable fabric and while supporting the garment workers. 

Fashion Experience in Italy

I took my ambition at age 33 to one of the capitals of fashion….Milano. I obtained a Digital Women’s Fashion Design Certificate and launched my first collection in January 2020 for the women’s Autumn/Winter season. 

Later down the road, I was lucky to be hired as a Fashion Design educator based in Florence, Italy. Helping students who would love to pursue the fashion industry. I feel very honoured to be given this opportunity to help the youth with there future ambitions. This role is a dream come true! 

About The Brand

Julia is 100% the founder/owner of her wicked brand.

Her design philosophy is to create durable + ethical fashion for all women. Embracing women to aim to be self-reliant and want to improve on there well being. Excellence in BOLD colours plus FUNction, combining craftsmanship into flair. 

Influenced from high fantasy and mythology combined into small futuristic avant-garde collections each year.

 All fabric ethically sourced from suppliers around the world. On this note; all designs are high quality, occasionally pre-ordered and our zero waste principles for the understanding of supporting ~ anti fast fashion ~ thus creating an alternative to help improve global awareness. Mother Earth is our Goddess.

We thrive to minimize a negative environment in today’s fashion world. Embracing consumers with the power of ethical high quality, natural or sustainable fabrics from chosen suppliers around the world.

JDL Collection remains to be a never ending story…….



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